How are Kuningan’s Art?

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Art especially in Kuningan is not widely acclaimed, so that Kuningan’s Painting Community held an open discussion in January 2012 in order to build the art spirit in Kuningan. For sure, this event attracted the people of Kuningan. This First Open Discussion was attended by some delegations from Tourism and Cultural Office, Cultural Observer, University Students, High School Students, Lecturers and Educators in Kuningan.

The discussion talked about issues around Social, Culture and its connection to people life of art. There are always some crucial problem in art such as: the dispute with the media which is often ended with negative response from many parties, the difficulty of artists to communicate their creation to the art lovers and the lack of exhibition venue or stage performance. Even they used to have an open air exhibition, but it could not reach as many as lovers. That’s why, it really needs big support and hard work from many parties, specially local government.

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Arts Discuss
The lack of interest from Kuningan’s youth in doing art makes it is difficult for art to come up. More over, the art education doesn’t get its best portion in education section which it should be delivered from the very beginning.

In the middle of discussion, there was also a critical question: “Is art so miserable?” . It seems so hard to do art in Kuningan, and it is because of the budgeting doesn’t support art much.

Many complaining questions were asked during the discussion such as: venue, appreciation, financial, and communication, including the attention from the government were always big problems to develop their motivation in art. After two years, the question is still the same, “ So, How do we develop art in Kuningan?”. Even though there is a step by step progress, but it is still a bit slow and we must keep working harder to develop the art in Kuningan. Support from many parties such as government office, linked institution, artist, and people of Kuningan is very important.